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Coutras & Associates will navigate you through the treacherous risks of your Insurance policy. There have been many instances that insureds have left thousands & hundreds of thousands of dollars in their policy/contract of their rightful claim. Why? Due to their lack of inexperience in claims handling and their lack of comprehension of their entire policy/contract. The policies were written by attorneys representing the insurance carriers. The language & comprehension is difficult and complicated for most laymen but remember it was written for their self interest; not yours. We?re professional loss consultants who work exclusively for you. It takes years to develop the necessary skills in the art of claims handling. Three of the most important skills are comprehension of the entire policy, substantiating and documenting the loss with the latest software and wrapping the entire claim package with well-versed negotiation. By engaging Coutras & Associates to represent your interest, you will hire a company that has handled thousands of claims involving millions of dollars and has the necessary expertise & case law history that will allow you to maximize your claim settlement. It will allow you to have an advocate at your side and piece of mind that your settlement will not be jeopardized or limited in any way by an act, error or omission of you, the insured. An Insurance claim involves establishing a specific monetary value for each item lost: this determines the basis for achieving an equitable settlement. The claim estimating and valuation process is based upon each adjuster?s subjective analysis. We have the resources and expertise to thoroughly investigate your claim loss, accurately prepare, document and submit your claim as if we were painting the perfect picture. Our expertise in managing claims will free you from the emotional and time consuming struggles with the insurance company. We know what to look for, how to talk the insurance language, and how to get you the best possible settlement.



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