When dealing with a water loss, fire loss, or the results of another disaster, property insurance claims present a unique challenge to business owners trying to work without the help of their own claims adjusters. Not only are you faced with critical business recovery decisions, you are also responsible for damage mitigation, and may soon find yourself navigating a complicated insurance claim complete with business interruption calculations and the need to produce reams of loss details for your insurance carrier. No facet of property claims is as subjective as business interruption and extra expense claims. It is definitely a good time to call in a public adjuster who will be your advocate. A public adjuster is an advocate for the policyholder in negotiating an insurance claim. Public adjusters exist because of the inherent conflict that exists when one person or entity attempts to represent two sides of a financial transaction. Public adjusters are the only type of claims adjuster that can legally represent the rights of an insured during an insurance claim settlement.

Among other things, it is the public adjuster’s responsibility to:

  • Investigate ALL coverages that may be applicable to an insurance claim.
  • Determine the appropriate values for settling ALL covered damages.
  • Negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on behalf of the insured. Typically, a large majority of policyholders are unaware that public adjusters even exist as an option to dealing directly with the insurance company representatives. A professional, conscientious public adjuster can make a tremendous difference in the amount of a policyholder’s settlement.

How is a Public Adjuster Compensated?

Service fees for public adjusters vary by state. Typically, most public adjusters are compensated based on a percentage of the total settlement they negotiate, which should always show a net gain to the insured over and above what the insurance company would have offered. Coutras & Associates, LLC regularly succeeds in negotiating for more settlement money than your insurance company would initially offer. Additionally, you have the right to choose the repair entity – not the preferred vendors that your insurance company would prefer you use. Coutras & Associates, LLC will fight for these rights and be able to negotiate a better settlement.

No Start-up or Retainer Fees:

It costs you nothing to sign up and get a jump on your insurance claim immediately.

Pre-negotiated Percentage-based Fee:

Adjusters receive a fee only as you receive your settlement. Saves You Time, Stress, & Money.