Representing Your Interests – Recovering Your Rightful Claim!

Your Insurance Company is protecting their interest. Who is protecting yours?

When disaster strikes, the demands on your time can be staggering. Your business may be interrupted. Your major investment may be lost, and you’ll face many stressful decisions all at once. But beware, Insurance company adjusters are not on your side. Your Insurance Company has a team of adjusters, engineers, claim managers and preferred contractors representing their interest. Their responsibility must be to the insurance company who employs them, and they will almost never offer your full rightful entitlement in the first round. To get your full due – on top of all the other traumatic demands on your time – you’ll have to negotiate with your insurance company. You need a professional to administer your claim.

You need Coutras and Associates, LLC as your own Public Adjuster.

Coutras and Associates, LLC will work for YOU. By engaging your own knowledgeable advocate, you’re much more likely to get a higher settlement, and you’ll get your settlement with less effort. Will your insurance company discourage you from hiring a Public Adjuster? You bet. They don’t like to deal with someone who knows how to demand your full settlement. But no matter what they say, you have a legal right to hire your own advocate, and you don’t pay a fee until you settle. Our fee will be a small percentage of your settlement – an amount mandated by law.

When you have a significant loss, engaging Coutras and Associates, LLC as your own Public Adjuster is smart business.

Your Coutras & Associates, LLC Public Adjuster will:

  • Negotiate your insurance claim faster
  • Obtain a larger settlement
  • Save you time, stress, and money
  • Represent your interests
  • Substantiate and appraise your loss
  • Review and explain the fine print of your policy
  • File your claim with all supporting documentation
  • Negotiate to obtain your full right to be placed back in the position you were in BEFORE the disaster